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We are starting a new program on May 1, 2023 “Introduction to Romanian language”

The program is structured over the next 30 weeks and is open to all levels of language.

 The scope of the program is the development of speaking, listening, reading,

and writing skills in a Romanian cultural context.

The target group are Romanian descendants, born or raised in Canada, age 7-14 or any other kids willing to learn about Romanian culture and history.

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Romanian Language Classes

Level 1 (Beginners) - suitable if you have little or no knowledge knowledge of Romanian. No knowledge of grammar is assumed and there are no entry requirements.

Level 2 (Lower Intermediate) - for those who have some knowledge of the language through regular visits to Romania or self-study.

Level 3 (Intermediate) - for those who've developed a sound knowledge of the language through extensive visits to Romania, personal relationships, or working with the language.

Level 4 (Advanced) - for those who've developed an excellent knowledge of the language through using

Romanian at work, or by living in a partly Romanian-speaking environment.

The cost of the program is donation based plus the cost of materials.

The classes are held on 264 Midpark Way SE, Calgary, T2X1J6 from Monday to Friday between 4:30 and 6:30.

For information please send us an email at or call at 403-617-3170.

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If you are interested in these classes please contact us directly. 


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